TANNED draws together a collection of photographs created between 2008 and 2011. The photos in this book give a glimpse into my exploration of leather making; part of a larger, on-going investigation into survival skills and the anxiety surrounding our contemporary relationship
to the physical world. The tools, tanning methods and raw materials have all become fascinating objects of contemplation for me, artifacts of a process that is both precise and DIY, ancient and incredibly immediate. This work explores “making” at its most fundamental level, the transformation of animal to object, raw to finished material. It draws on photography’s ability to simultaneously show the beginning, end and middle of a process and on the historical
use of the photograph as a document in performance and scientific inquiry. The work reflects upon the adventure, empowerment (and sometimes gross-ness) of taking something directly from the world (roadkill) and transforming it into a new product (leather); and encourages
the perpetuation of a skill set and knowledge that is rapidly being lost.
Soft bound, 87 pages. A very limited edition of 20 books are available